01. The Most Important Message You Will Ever Get

Millions of years ago, in eternity past, your name came up and an entire book was written about you. It included each and every detail about your being, features, time in history, race, family tree, and much more. When your time came up, you were fearfully and wonderfully created inside your mother’s womb. And then, you were born! You were born a human being with your very own personality and authority to make your own decisions. The circumstances surrounding your birth can range anywhere from tragic to magnificent, but nonetheless, you were born and you are either listening or reading this page about the most important message you could ever receive.

So what is the connection between eternity past and you? Who was behind all the planning and preparations for your existence? And why would he choose to have you be born when you were, to the family that you belong to, within the race from which you came and the culture that surrounds you?Because all those things are only the framework for you to receive his message: The Creator, Your Creator, is who called you by your name before the world existed. He designed you, and loved you then as he loves you now. He foreknew you and predetermined that you would be your own person.He gave you the authority to exercise your own will and He respects that above all things. I am sure that many questions come up and it would be wonderful to be able to ask him for a sound explanation of the many doubts and things that you wished you had answers to.

I have great news for you: He wants to meet you! And He wants to answer all your questions. Furthermore, He wants to have a very close and special relationship with you! A one on one, individual, intimate relationship with no intermediaries, obstructions or impediments. It is for that reason that he has sent you a message.

For you to believe it is really a message from Him, the Eternal Creator of all things has sent you a LIVING MESSAGE! That is right! No one can ever counterfeit or falsify this message because it will speak itself to a part of your being you may not be aware you possess: Your spirit! For the most part, we all live inside our heads and our emotions; we know them quite well and use them continually. But most of us ignore what our spirit is and what function it has within us.

For the sake and purpose of this conversation I can only tell you that your spirit is what makes you different than any other creature in the universe, not just on earth but anywhere in the entire cosmos; because your spirit proceeds from the Creator himself. It is part of him in you and that is where his message will resonate within you. Oh, this is not hocus pocus stuff; it is as real as you are. Do you know where loneliness resides within you? Guilt? Joy? Peace or Fear? Love or Hatred? Bitterness or forgiveness? etc.? It is not in your mind or feelings; it is much deeper than that. It is your spirit and it was given so that you can have this direct connection with your Creator. That is why in each and every human being there is an empty spot that nothing on earth is able to fill. It is the place that was put in each of us for Him, for our Creator.

So how can that happen? It all begins with the Message – Messenger.In his plan to communicate with you, and not wanting his message to be confused in any way, shape or form, he would not entrust anyone except himself to deliver his message to you. So HE BECAME THE MESSAGE! Of all the resources at his disposal and all the beings that he could have utilized to speak to you, he would not miss the opportunity to speak to you in person. So he became the Word and the Word became a Man in order to provide you with the LIVING MESSAGE.That is how important YOU ARE to Him. No letter, email, phone call, representative, angel or anyone could fill the spot. It has to be said in person because you are the realization of the Creator’s highest dream and most priceless treasure!

Yes I know you are thinking how inadequate you feel with these words, how your conscience knows you haven’t been all that good, etc. But whether you are in prison for committing the most horrendous crimes against your neighbor or you are the best intentioned and most well behaved person on earth, we all know we are imperfect and destitute of true glory. Well, that can change in an instant if you receive the Creator’s Living Message today!

Most of us have heard through one religion or another about judgment and the day of reckoning, about being found worthy or unworthy; and most of us just don’t want to deal with that. Its like going to court and being the accused awaiting a verdict with a slim chance of being absolved! We know our guilt! THIS IS NOT WHAT THE CREATORS MESSAGE IS ABOUT! IT IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT!

Then what is it? Who is IT?To know, please continue to the next episode. It is like opening a letter or email. You are informed now: YOU HAVE A MESSAGE WAITING!

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  1. YOYIS says:

    I want to let you know we will be using this lessons in our Bible study starting this coming thursday

  2. humtransf says:

    That is wonderful news, the best part is the assurance that God is responsible to prove his Truth to each person who will receive it, and He never fails!
    Please share with us your experiences so they can help others.

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