04. Creating God’s Family (Part 2)

Learning to Choose

MAN! Male and Female: A unique creation designed and destined for each individual creature to become a child of God by personal choice!

This explains why “choosing” is such a special and dear thing to each of us. From birth and onward, we function by making choices and when we are forced in any way outside our choices we are not at all happy. We resent imposition and treasure having our choices respected. Choosing is in our nature by design.

So the book of beginnings, Genesis, tells us how the first couple of mankind, Adam and Eve went about learning to exercise their natural ability to choose. They were placed in a beautiful environment of indescribable beauty and abundant provision for every imaginable need called the Garden of Eden. They were tended to directly by their Creator who would spend daily time with them teaching them all they needed to know about themselves and the creation on earth. They were mentored in the art of governing – making choices! The events of Man’s history registered in Genesis chapter 2 are crucial to understanding of ourselves today.

Adam was developing his choice making abilities as the Creator brings to him all of the animals that were created on earth so that Adam would name them. It is a beautiful portrayal of love in action! Man and Creator working together in order to develop man so that he would be prepared to understand his most important mission: CHOOSING RIGHT. It is an amazing scene which is unique to the history of man. No other creature has ever been given this much attention and importance. Whereas the rest of the creatures on earth were given instinct to guide them in a pre-progamed manner for their existence, with Man it is all about learning to be like his Creator and, about developing his choice making ability. In retrospect, we now know the reason behind it.

After a period of training the Creator introduces Adam to the first destiny related decision he is to make: Choosing between life or death; between existing within the provision and desire of his Creator or rejecting all that he was given by detaching himself from the source of life and blessing that his Creator is.

This is an important and inevitable event in man’s existence. He was not created to be subject to life and blessing or death and despair; he was created with the power to choose, to be where he would be of his own volition.

“The Tree of Life was also in the middle of the garden; also the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.” (Genesis 2:9 litv)

“And Jehovah God commanded the man, saying, Eating you may eat of every tree in the garden; but of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil you may not eat, for in the day that you eat of it, dying you shall die.” (Gen 2:16-17 litv)

We must take time here to briefly talk about the components of the choice placed before Man and dismantle some of the key misconceptions that have plagued human thinking.

There are two main components in this choice: “Good” and “Evil”. We see “Good” coming from God; Man had been surrounded by it since the instant of his creation; Good is all he has known up to this moment of his existence. But where did “Evil” come from? Why was it necessary that Man be exposed to it? Was it an unfair, or worse yet, an unjust move made by the Creator to trip Man off from his destiny? Was it an accident? Was it an event that got out from under God’s control because “Evil” is an equal opposite force to “Good”?

The answer to the last three questions is a resounding NO!. It was no accident; It was not a move to trip Man off course or an experiment to see what Man would do; It was not a competition between “Good” and “Evil” they are NOT equal forces! It was very much and intentional event designed to bring Man closer to the ultimate choice: Accept or Reject the invitation to be made into a son of God!

Let us now deal with the remaining two questions.

Although the story of the origin of “Evil” is quite long and intricate, we will briefly describe what has been revealed to us by the Creator. For us today, there is no denying the presence and horror of “Evil”. We are surrounded and inundated by it as much as Adam and Eve were covered in “Good” before their fatal choice was consummated. We may not fully understand “Evil” but we know what it does and worse yet, we, each and all, carry it within us.

So, lets move on to the story of the origin of “Evil”: It happened in eternity past that a one of a kind majestic and powerful being was created: “Mimshak Keroob Sakak Sakak” “The Protector Covering Cherub” This amazing creature was given vast power, authority and domain within the universe which is part of the Creator’s kingdom. In the exercise of his many duties and responsibilities and in the astounding volume of success he achieved, he became self focused and corrupted himself; he then dedicated himself to cause other angelic beings to corrupt themselves as well, and convinced them to agree with him to strike down the Creator and remove him from his throne so they could take over his kingdom. (Eze. 28) At the time of the coupe de’tat, blinded by the greed and anger that were now in his being he rose against the Creator, but before he could begin to even make a move, the Creator simply ignited a consuming fire from within the cherub, instantly ending his existence as the mighty being that he once was, while simultaneously doing the same to all who had joined him. All of these beings, now prisoners as traitors, would be held until the time of their judgment.

What was there to judge? The validity of the accusation they had launched against the Creator: The Cherub accused God of injustice; he accused the Creator of abusing his power in order to enslave his creatures and take unfair advantage of them, thus denying them the opportunity of being “all they could be” if he didn’t constrained them. So the accusation was noted in the Creators Court and the prisoners were sent to an empty and barren planet within the Milky Way Galaxy; a member planet of our Solar System: Earth..

This is a short brief on the history of the origin of “Evil”

As you can see, “Evil” is not an equal opposite force to “Good” There is absolutely no comparison. It is very much like light and darkness. How much light does it take to defeat darkness? An infinitely minuscule amount! Light wins! So it is with good and evil. Nonetheless, “Evil” existed and Man was entitled to be informed of it and be given the liberty to choose it in place of the “Good” he knew and of his Creators dream and will for his existence. It was his right! He had to know the choice existed and had to be given the opportunity to make his own decision about it.

Now is Man’s turn to choose! This is his stage and his alone. What did he choose? Why?

See you in our next episode!

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