09. Receiving The Right To Be Made A Child Of God

What an amazing thing true Love is! It leaves absolutely no comparison with any form of the human expressions of love. Interestingly, in one study after another, love is the primary need of humans; Sadly, just like everything else, human love is corrupted. But true Love (God is Love) is perfect and it’s eternal. Nothing can ever change the quality and quantity of love God has for you. It is not bound to what you do or don’t do; Love, loves you, period. The only reason one can be void of its power is to reject it. And because Love respects you, He will extend his mercy and patiently wait to convince you to receive him for as long as you exist on earth. All of these actions, beginning with the special and meticulously plan of your creation, to your birth, to the dying in your place, and every action Love has taken to make your adoption possible, proves Love, loves you.

This TRUTH is universal and it’s irrefutable. It transcends everything human. It does not care about race, origin, status, educational achievements, good or bad behavior, etc. IF YOU ARE HUMAN, YOU ARE LOVED! You are the most valuable being in the entire universe, because the life of God himself was laid down to pay for your right to fulfill your destiny: Become a Child of God!

Are you ready to experience your transformation, from Human into a Child of God? LOVE IS MORE THAN READY! He has waited for thousands of years to make his dream for you a reality! All the preparations necessary to fulfill this amazing and awesome dream are made, all the provision to make it happen is done. Love is just waiting on you to RECEIVE the VERB; The Word of Creation that will make you into a Child of God forever.


This is absolutely contrary to all religious precepts. Because all religious precepts are human in nature, all religions, of all time, without exception are based on the premise of self effort and the consequent achievement or failure to obey the dispositions of the deity they worship. From the most ancient to the most modern, they are based on what a person should do in order to ascend in merit, earn favor, etc. etc. That is the fallacy of human religion. Look at history and at our present time. Most of the wars and destruction humans are involved in have their root origin in or because of religious belief. But let’s look at this in a rational manner. If God (whomever a religion says he is) knows that human nature is corrupted, and he knows that humans can not change the slavery to the evil they are in; why would God demand that we do the impossible? It would be wrong to do so. It would amount to seeing someone trapped under an enormous weight, wounded and dying, and to stand on top of him or her demanding they saved themselves or else threaten to punish them for not doing so! That is how ludicrous and sadistic the religious premise is. And yet, most of the human population on earth is trapped under its weight. We have made a religion of every imaginable concept of God because it is the only logic humans can come up with, but it is doomed to failure. This is why we intuitively resent religious people. Those who believe they are right on their own merit become despicable to the rest of us; it is also the reason why some have chosen to discard the very possibility of the existence of God altogether, while others keep inventing new, more lenient gods and religions to accommodate their shortcomings.

Before the Message arrived and was born as Jesus, the Creator had communicated his laws to humans. He did it to prove to all the human condition: Its absolute incapacity for Good. But he didn’t do it to condemn humans, for he had already provided the way in which in due time, redemption, forgiveness and adoption would be made available to all of them, from the first to the last of human beings.

But now, the Message has arrived, has taken the human form having been born of a woman, so he can be part of us while not being human; has revealed God’s true nature; has paid the price of our debt and obtained eternal salvation for each and all of us by offering his own life; and has been resurrected; and been given charge to oversee that each person gets the most costly invitation ever made; and that if they accept it, they are immediately served forgiveness and brought into the family of God by adoption; where each will be transformed, no longer to be human, but to be eternal and pure as their Father is: To be made into Love, as Love is.


This may sound illogical or far fetched to some of you, but the best part of this truth is that you can prove it to yourself. No intermediaries! No “waiting a lifetime to know the outcome of your efforts” nonsense! You can experience adoption the very instant you receive the Word! If you have already done so, then you know what I am talking about. There is nothing on earth that can compare to the entrance of LIFE into your being. LIFE brings with it, forgiveness, peace, joy, hope and YES: LOVE! Life also brings with it POWER; The power to transform you from the inside out, so that the evil nature you inherited is taken out of your being and you are given the nature of your Father: LOVE.

I could speak for ages about this one thing, but it would be useless until you receive it; for that is the only way to understand it. And if you have received the invitation already, then you do know what I am talking about and it is time to move forward! So next we need to understand HOW we are to be adopted and transformed into Children of God:

“But as many as received Him, to them He gave authority to become children of God, to the ones believing into His name” (John 1:12 litv)

Here is the very next major event in your new journey of true LIFE! When you receive Jesus, who is the message of invitation for your adoption, he immediately gives you the “authority” or “LEGAL RIGHT” to become a child of God. This is amazing! You don’t get a list of requirements in order to qualify for adoption; you get a certificate of authority issued by the Creator himself, that you now possess the legal right to be made into his child. This “AUTHORITY” allows you to exercise your right to request your transformation from human into a child of God! This will seem strange, given the already mentioned religious premise. But this is TRUTH! In contrast to religion demanding that you change, God, the true Creator of your being obligates himself to you by giving you the authority to claim your right to be transformed! He commits to transforming you. He is not asking you but to receive this certificate of authority and to use it! That is how it works. You use your right, He transforms the part of your being that you are asking him to work in. This is AMAZING!

Many of us will have a hard time receiving this truth. Some of us already have a tremendous investment in self-sacrifice and devotion of many years to achieve God’s favor, and therefore it has become our treasure. We are banking on that to buy us the right to mercy, eternal life, enlightenment, or whatever a particular religion’s offer is for those who stick it out. Letting go of all of that can seem painful, but it is absolutely necessary if you choose to be adopted as a child of God. He is not going to modify his carefully executed and costly program to bring in, what regardless of effort, is impure nonetheless. Yes, that is correct; God tells us clearly that our better works of righteousness are but filthy rags before him. Humans can not do good that is real. Our good is perceived to be good in contrast to what we deemed wicked, but if you have a glass with water which seems to be clean but there are invisible deadly viruses and bacteria in it, and you drink from it, it could kill you! It is corrupt, no matter how clean it may be perceived to be!

This is how our good works are. They seem good, but the container is corrupt; therefore, God says they are as filthy rags. When Jesus walked on earth he taught this very truth causing much upheaval amongst the religious leaders of that time. He would gather with what the religious people called “sinners and outcasts” he befriended them, he served them and he chose from them to be his close followers. Why could the religious people not tolerate this? Because they perceived themselves as being “good people” due to their devotion and sacrifice to keep all of the practices their law demanded of them. This was illustrated in a story Jesus told:

“Two men went into the temple courtyard to pray. One was a Pharisee, and the other was a tax collector. The Pharisee stood up and prayed, ‘God, I thank you that I’m not like other people! I’m not a robber or a dishonest person. I haven’t committed adultery. I’m not even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week, and I give you a tenth of my entire income.’ “But the tax collector was standing at a distance. He wouldn’t even look up to heaven. Instead, he became very upset, and he said, ‘God, be merciful to me, a sinner!’ “I can guarantee that this tax collector went home with God’s approval, but the Pharisee didn’t. Everyone who honors himself will be humbled, but the person who humbles himself will be honored.” (Luke 18:10-14 GW)

This is why religious people hated Jesus! Let’s finalize this point; we can not bring our “good works” into being adopted as children of God. It would be offensive! It would amount to saying to God, you really didn’t need to do so much, I could have earned my way, perhaps with a little help. That would make any of us a braggart child, and God will have none of these.

Back to our core subject for this episode: First came the invitation to be adopted into a child of God. Upon acceptance of it, the first thing we are given is the RIGHT to be made into a child of God. This has to be received, willfully, consciously, and intentionally.

Just like the invitation for adoption can not be forced upon you, this second gift (after forgiveness) is given to guarantee that you will be the one making the decisions during the entire process of your transformation. Nothing has been spared to provide you with all that is necessary to make you into a fully functional and perfect son or daughter of God. But all that has been done and given unto this purpose is subject to your decisions. You were created to choose. And your choices remain the most important aspect of your existence. Choosing will continue to be the way you function as a child of God and that is one of the powerful reasons God begins by giving you the authority to be made a son of God. He puts you in charge of determining to use this authority or legal right so that as you encounter the things inside you which are not evidence of your adoption as his child, you can bring them to Him and use your God given right to request that these things be removed from your being and you are made able to be his child! Can you see how marvelous this is?

Under any religious premise, you and I were to do our best to be good. We were responsible to fix our mistakes and change ourselves into better people. But as adopted children, God makes himself responsible for all that needs to be changed in us, we are only responsible to allow him to do so. We are to use our right in coming to him and asking that he changes what needs changing.

How would you know what needs changing? He will show you. Each and every time, but you will have the choice and the right to be changed.

You see, this is a totally different relationship with God than anything humans could ever envision. It is a Father – child relationship. Not a sinner – deity relationship. In a Father- child relationship, the parent is responsible to serve his children, to cleanse them, to feed, protect, instruct, correct, empower, bless, etc. The children learn from the parents, receive from the parents, imitate the parent, expect intuitively from the parents. A new born does not worry about how to provide for his – her needs. They have a right and let you know when there is a need; parents rush to serve those needs! How much more do you imagine God is anxious to serve you as his new-born child once you receive adoption? This is how you will get to know him, this is how he is going to convince you that you are his and he is yours. This is why he begins the entire process of yours and mine transformation by giving each of us the right to be made into his children.

There will be much to learn and discover about this amazing truth. The best of it, is that we get to prove it. God has to prove it to each of us as we dare to believe him, take him at his word and USE THE RIGHT!

Let me illustrate it with this analogy:

A person purchases insurance against damages or loss of his automobile. He is given a policy which states he now owns the right to the services the contract states he is entitled to. He drives away and does not have need to make use of this right unless something happens to his vehicle. But the person in our story does not understand how all of this works. One day, he gets hit and the car is crushed and suffers extensive damage. He panics and begins to say: “What am I going to do now? I can not afford another vehicle or to repair this one!” Someone asks him: “Don’t you have insurance?” He replies: “Yes I do.” Then he is asked: “Why do you worry then? You should be covered! Just call the insurance company and tell them you have the right to have your car repaired or replaced. They are obligated to take care of all the things that your contract calls for.” The man has a look of doubt in his face. It can not be that simple, he thinks. But it is worth a call. When he calls the insurance company employee assures him that he has nothing to worry about. They will pay for the repairs of his vehicle and take care of all the things they are obligated to him by contract. He is elated! He has learned his RIGHT is real!

How will you get proof that the greatest right you could ever be given is real? You have to test it! If you receive this right; the right to be made into a son or daughter of God, then USE IT. Bring your damaged life, your bad habits, your character, all of your being to God and place it in his transformation shop for him to fulfill his contract with you and make you a REAL, FULLY CAPABLE SON OF GOD!

Go ahead! Try it! This is the most amazing and powerful aspect of all that we will share with you. God proves it to you directly! No other conditions apply. It is his desire that you know him directly and that you allow him to prove his love to you at every step of the way. That is why he does this mind blowing act of starting where human logic would end. Human logic would make you prove yourself worthy of the right; God starts by giving you the right you can never earn and obligating himself to make you worthy!

Please share with us and others about your experiences and how God is proving himself to you. Write us at www.humanitytransformed.com you will be encouraging many more to receive the greatest invitation one could ever get.

See you in our next episode!

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