10. Learning To Believe Him

God’s Method For My Transformation

As you can see by now, being adopted as a child of God is nothing compared to human adoption. God’s adoption is about transforming your entire being into a new creature; and soon we will be addressing the details of what and how God does this. In this episode we are concerned with giving you insight into the universal method He will use to achieve his costly dream.

“But as many as received Him, to them He gave authority to become children of God, to the ones believing into His name” (John 1:12 litv)

In order to understand this amazing and powerful method we will focus on one key word and key element: BELIEVING.

We have taken much time emphasizing the fact that you are in charge of making the decisions that determine your existence, and that all of God’s program to bring about his desire for your life make this the most important factor of all. Everything is subject to your acceptance and your decisions! And it is because this is Love, loving you; respecting you.

Upon that truth we must introduce another very important truth. One that is absolutely opposite to human understanding:

From here forward, ALL that God, your Father tells you to be or do, HE IS COMMITTING TO DO IN AND THROUGH YOU.

You see, under the human nature we had to do it all in our own strength and by our own means. We were told what to do, we had to muster up the wherewithal to comply. This is the case with the law of Moses; it is the way of all religions. You are informed of the requirements you must meet in order to be right, accepted, etc. This was the consequence of Adam and Eve’s fatal decision: disconnection from the source of life and true power to live. But that is all over for you and me! We are now possessors of the right to be made into children of God! So we must understand how things work under this new existence we have been given.

Back to the text cited from John 1:12, we can see that there is a condition put on the recipients of the authority to be made into children of God: Believing. This word denotes an active, continuous and ever present state. It is something we are to be doing without ever ceasing: The action of applying belief into the name of the Living Word: Jesus. “to the ones believing into His name”

There is a powerful reason for this to be so; we are to be created as children of God and He is the Creator! It is only through him that this is possible. But our authority establishes the fact that we must be in agreement, otherwise he will not create us into a child of God. How do we exercise our authority? Believing Him! This action on our part permits him to do his creative work in our being.

Now, where does the power to believe him come from? Are we expected to muster up belief and somehow have the resources necessary to maintain ourselves believing at all times and under all circumstances? The answer is NO! GOD HAS PROVIDED US WITH THE MEANS NECESSARY TO BELIEVE HIM! Let’s see how this works.

Because of our design in the image of God, each of us has the ability to experience belief. It is an amazing capability and experience. We can place this capability upon a person, a thing, a theory, or whatever we choose; and that is the key factor: We place our belief by our choice. Have you ever been wrong in what you believed to be true? All of us have! In fact, it happens so many times that the end results have forced us into doubt or a state of disbelief. Most of us grow up to be more unbelieving than we are believers. Human experience leads to disillusionment which leads to unbelief.

Let’s bring these facts on to the relationship God has started with us as his children. It is a relationship that requires our willing participation, therefore it requires our belief. But we are so full of doubts; and when it comes to God, so many human explanations of whether or not he exists, what he wants and demands from each of us, etc. Many of us have sincerely placed our belief in this or that religion in the hope of attaining a better existence and destiny, and we have backed our belief with costly actions of self discipline, sacrifice, devotion, etc. But, which of all of those actions have transformed our humanity? What has freed us from the corruption that is the human nature?

Here is where the absolute difference comes into play between all human beliefs and religions in contrast with the Living Message and the actions of our true Creator: He has obligated himself to each of the ones who receive his Word. He therefore takes on the responsibility of empowering us to believe him. It is his job and his alone to enable us to fulfill this and all the requirements of our new existence as his children. Believing then, is the result of what God does in us to make us able to believe. How does He do it?

“Then faith is of hearing, and hearing through the Word of God.” (Romans 10:17 litv)

Faith is the solution God puts in place. Faith is what enables us to believe him and to keep believing him. Faith is a divine power: The power to believe God!

Human thought conceptualizes faith as, again, something we produce in and of ourselves. Nonsense!

GOD GIVES EACH OF US HIS FAITH. How? God’s faith comes inside each and every word he speaks to us! This is absolutely amazing. God never speaks lightly; He always speaks with intention and commitment. When he spoke the Message of invitation for us to become his children, He included all the faith necessary to enable the recipient to believe him! That is why it is vital to receive his Word. Once received, the Word unpacks within your spirit and releases God’s Faith. FAITH THEN GOES TO WORK AND AS A RESULT YOU ARE ABLE TO BELIEVE AND KEEP BELIEVING HIM!

At that moment, and throughout your state of belief God is committed to fulfill the Word He has spoken to you. This is how it works!

Can you see how wonderful this is? Before our belief was tied up to experiences, logic, knowledge or ignorance, fear, foolishness, etc, etc. But now it has a single, powerful and unequivocal source: God’s mouth! What He says to each of us has the power to enable us to believe Him and therefore activate his commitment to us.

Here then, is the method God will use to bring about the transformation of our being from mortal human into children of God:

1. He speaks living words to me; Words that are spirit and are life; Words loaded with Faith: the power to believe Him; Words that express his will and his commitment to enable me to become and to do what they express.

2. I receive His Living, Mighty Words.

3. His Word comes inside my spirit and unpacks FAITH.

4. FAITH gives me the power to believe Him.

5. I CHOOSE to use the power of Faith and place this mighty power of belief upon Him.

6. God is now committed to perform His Word in me.


8. God’s Spirit within me goes to work to make the Spoken Word a reality in my being, in my conduct and in my entire existence!

This is absolutely AMAZING! This is why this is not a religion, it is not human, it is not a game, it is not dependent on what I can do, IT IS BASED ON THE POWER OF GOD TO MAKE GOOD ON HIS WORD SPOKEN TO ME!

Look at the what He says about this:

“It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh is no help at all. The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life.” (John 6:63 litv)

“So will my word be that goes out from my mouth; it will not return to me empty, but it will accomplish that which I purpose, and will succeed in the thing for which I sent it.” (Isaiah 55:11 litv)

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” (Matthew 24:35 litv)

“Man shall not live by bread alone, but on every Word going out of the mouth of God.”

(Matthew 4:4 litv)

There are many other references in the Bible that speak to the unbreakable commitment God has with his Word. But these four make the point in a very clear manner:

The first sheds light on the reason His Word can create in us a son or daughter for Him: The words He speaks to us are spirit and they are life! That is why every time we receive what He tells us it is going to give us what He is saying to us!

The second affirms his commitment to do what He says and that his Word has that power.

The third states that his Word is forever. It is eternal. So once He speaks about something or someone, it will never be changed! This is the foundation of our security forever!

And the fourth establishes that we exist because of what He says. As his children in transformation, you and I are who we are because He has said so. Of course, He has also done all that is necessary to make good on what he says. That is the power of our adoption! That is how solid our new existence is! We are children of God FOREVER! He will see to that!

There is so much to discover; so much to hear God speak to us about our new life as children; so much to discover and prove! And we will engage in that in subsequent chapters. But at this point, it will do us much good to take a look at the journey we have traveled so far in the path of attaining our true destiny. We are children of God! God has adopted each of us who have decided to receive his invitation and we are learning and experiencing his truth and his love for each and all of us.

In our next episode, we will go over a brief summary of what we have discovered up to this point.

See you then!..

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