11. Adoption Review

So here we are! Possessors of the greatest gift ever given: Adoption through transformation into Children of God!

How did we get here? It will be important to review our journey thus far so that we can see and affirm the truths that make our adoption a reality and our future a firm hope.

We will do so by summarizing each of the episodes to date:

1. Each and everyone of us is an intentional, unique and marvelous creation that begun millions of years ago in eternity past when an entire book was written about each individual, specifying the entire framework of our existence, such as: date and time of birth, family tree, nation of birth, physical features, etc. All of the “unchangeable s” in our lives constitute only the framework that our Creator want’s to use for the fulfillment of his purpose for creating us. However, He can not accomplish his marvelous purpose without our consent; for each of us has been given authority to exercise our free will. To this end, our Creator has sent each of us a message, inviting us to accept his purpose in creating us: This is the most important message each of us will ever be sent. In order to validate His message, the Creator sends it to our spirit; the part in us that is part of Him. He delivered it in person as He became the Word that became a person and came to earth to bring the message of invitation so that you and I can have his invitation. This is just how important and valuable you are to Him; no one else would do! What is the message about?

2. The Living Message is about a New Creation! It begins by stating that the Creator creates by speaking living words that bring into reality what they convey. The Creator explains in the message that this is how all things have been created and then brings each of us into his creative focus by stating that He wants to make each of us into a new creature: A son or daughter of God!. Yes, the Living Message is his personal invitation for us to be made into his child; this is the The message also states that He knows the conditions of our human existence, the darkness and corruption of it all; but he categorically states that He is Light and that darkness can not overpower Light. So his invitation does not contain demands and qualification requirements. It only asks that you and I receive the message. That is it! If we do, then He commits to our transformation into his children by making each of us a new creature! It is a message of Hope, of Love and of Life. It is, the most important message you will ever get! just listen to the voice of the Message in your spirit saying: “Please accept a personal invitation from the Creator of all that is and will be. I, the Creator, will and have given everything to make it possible that you will become my child. Will you accept me as your Father?” This is your true destiny! But you decide if you receive it or reject it.

3. Why did the Creator go about forming his family in this way? Why not just speak words and create children at will, given his awesome creative powers? For that is the way He creates. He speaks living words that express and define what is to be created; His Spirit goes to the site of creation and makes His word reality!

But in going about the business of creating his family, He chose a totally different way because none of his children would be a member of his family by personal choice, not by imposition. This is why he put an amazing plan in motion: To create man, both male and female, a very unique creature unlike anyone else in the entire universe.

4. Man, as a species was created specifically with the intent of being the creature from which God could create his family. The only creature to have his creator’s design, the built in capacity to develop his likeness and the authority to make his own decisions and choices. The Creator begun training Man to choose, to exercise his will so that he could be ready to make the most important decision of his existence: To choose his destiny. To this end, He first trained him to choose the names of all the members of the animal kingdom. After this, the Creator introduced Man to the choice between Good and Evil. Because of the purpose of his creation, Man had to know of the alternative existence that was available to him. Up to this point in his history, Man had only known Good, he had been surrounded with abundance of provision and beauty; but he had to know that in the universe which comprises the Creator’s kingdom evil existed. So a tree called the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was introduced to his habitat with proper instructions and clear statement of the Creator’s will and the necessary warnings to advice him of the consequence of his choosing. The prospect of Evil came into focus as the Creator prepares to put Man, both male and female before this very important choice.

5. The day arrives when Man must choose between Good and Evil. The presentation for the case for Evil is done by the Serpent which is embodied by the father of Evil: A traitor Cherub who had attempted to overthrow the Creator from his throne. The Serpent’s presentation focused on “twisting” by misrepresenting what the Creator had said to Man and putting in doubt what the Creators intentions were for Man, the integrity of His words and character. Having done this, the Serpent invited Man to consider the possibilities for his existence without God: “You will be as God, knowing good and evil” Man chose to believe the Serpent’s version and chose to know Evil and to reject what he already knew: Good. Respecting Man’s choice, the Creator separated himself from Man, but did not give up on his purpose for him. Man had chosen to venture into the knowledge of Evil, but He would use this to strengthen his purpose for Mankind: Bring each of them to the precise moment where each would receive and understand the purpose of their existence: Receive the invitation to be adopted and transformed into a child of God and make the choice to accept or reject the Creator’s invitation.

6. Man’s choice to know Evil meant knowledge by experiencing Evil. He would have it inside his being, he would experience it in everything that related to his existence. Both male and female get the affirmation of their choice by the Creator and they are informed of the consequences of their choice: Immediate and irreversible changes to themselves; their identity, their occupation and their environment. Everything about them and around them would be ruled by the Evil they chose to know. This tremendous event resulted in a negative transformation of what Man’s original creation was: He was transformed into a human being. What does this mean? Man (both male and female) is now mortal, vulnerable, destitute and invaded by the components that make Evil possible for his existence. The creature that was made in the image of God is now ready to commit all kinds of unimaginable evil to himself and to his neighbor. Conflict; fear; lust; anger; deceit; arrogance; greed; shame; worry; etc. are now the components that will rule his existence. Soon the human race multiplies and the very first generation begins with the murder of the younger son of the first family; a murder committed by the older brother. From here on, the human race multiplies numerically and multiplies in its practice of all manner of evil, to the point that the Creator “saw that the evil of man was great on the earth, and every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the day long.” But his purpose for creating Man was not frustrated; His plan to create his family from this very creatures was still in motion. He had prepared a way to destroy the work of the Serpent in the existence of Man in order to bring this priced creature to the decision for which it was created: Accept or reject the invitation to be adopted and transformed into a child of God.

7. Time and again in the history of humanity the Creator has offered Man the opportunity to choose Good; and at every intersection Man’s choice has been to continue to go deeper into his knowledge of Evil. Generation after generation is born with the heritage of the tragic decision taken by Adam and Eve, the first human couple. This is how the Creator describes it: “just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned”

This brings us to an all important question: Who is ultimately responsible for the condition of the human race? Who made the decision to preserve the race and to allow the generational reproduction of what the previous ones had chosen? Are we today victims of Adam and his descendants?

The answer is as amazing as it is sound: God, the Creator is responsible for our existence today. He intentionally preserved our race even though He is fully aware of the condition in which humans exist: bound to Evil and all the destructive deeds that this represents. How is this just? Evil runs within the human nature because of the choices made by our ancestors. However, the consequences of these choices can not be undone by humans. We’ve become entrapped and are dominated by evil. Good liberates – Evil enslaves.

You and I could say, but I didn’t make those choices. How is it fair that I inherited this legacy from the stupidity of people I had nothing to do with? Where is the justice in that? Let’s listen to the Creator answer that very question:

“For in the gospel, the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; it (the gospel) is the power of God unto salvation to every one who believes him”

Gospel means Good News. It speaks of the Living Message we have spoken about. The message that invites you to accept being adopted by God and transformed into his child. This is His answer to the dilemma of the human race; this is how justice is done to every person that has ever existed and will ever be born. Each and every one of us has the right to be presented with the purpose of our creation and given the right to make the decision of choosing or rejecting his invitation. You and I don’t have to be victims! We can fulfill our destiny by accepting the Message and the invitation we are given!

8. What did the Creator have to do in order to make possible the adoption of such creatures? He had to provide a way for all the penalty and consequences of evil in human lives to be paid. In order for a person to be adopted as his child, that person can not be guilty of any evil deeds, thoughts, or desires. That immediately disqualifies all of the human race. So the Living Message – Messenger, who is God himself came not only to communicate the invitation for adoption to human beings, but to make the payment in full and forever for all the sin, evil and guilt of all human beings. What did he offer as payment? Himself! That is the price that was paid for our adoption; it is called forgiveness! This is the greatest act of love ever. It is absolute, it is perfect and it guarantees that ALL human beings are “qualified” to be adopted into children of God! He determined that you were worth his life and he gave it joyfully so that his dream of creating his family could become a reality.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that everyone believing into Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

As you can see, all that he has done is laid at your feet so that you can make your personal choice. It is your turn. Others, beginning with Adam and Eve have made choices that affected your life without your consent or participation. But now, because of what God has done for you and me, and all; each of us has the opportunity to choose again; TO CHOOSE OUR VERY OWN DESTINY. This is how JUSTICE HAS BEEN DONE TO YOU AND ME! We are no longer victims, we can each make our own choice.

Forgiveness equals the value of the life of God and it equals the value of your adoption. How do you get it? Receiving Jesus – He is forgiveness. He is who paid with his life for your guilt and his life is the payment for all the offenses that have been committed against you. You and I can be absolutely free of guilt and of bitterness by receiving the Messenger and all that He is, as we become adopted into the greatest family in the universe! God’s family!

9. Love, loves you! It has done the impossible to prove it to you! Love paid with his own life to make your destiny a reality. There is nothing that can stand in the way of your adoption and transformation. Only you can deny yourself of the greatest existence imaginable: Becoming a son or daughter of the Creator of all things: God!

“But as many as received Him, to them He gave authority to become children of God, to the ones believing into His name”

What happens next? The very first thing that happens when you choose to accept God’s invitation for your adoption is that He makes it legal by giving you the right to be transformed into his child. As illogical as this may sound, God is not looking to you for effort, achievement or qualifications; all the contrary, He is going to work at convincing you that your adoption success is up to Him. He has committed to you eternally, and has sealed his commitment with his own life and blood. Now, He starts the process of making your adoption real by giving you a legal right to be transformed into his child. How does this work? Contrary to human religious thinking where one must earn the right to a deity’s favor, your adoption begins with a decree that gives you the right to come to God and have Him transform you into his child. In other words, just like an insurance policy gives you the right to be served when you have a claim; this right, the right to be made into a child of God, is for you to use each time that you are aware that something in your life needs transformation, when you do, God then counts with your consent to transform you and takes on the full responsibility for doing just that. So your new life as a child of God is one of wonder and resting from your efforts to allow your new heavenly Father to transform your entire being as he proves himself to you each step of the way!

10. You are now on your way to being made into a child of God. And you are the only one who determines the progress of your transformation by exercising a very special power you possess: The power of belief. You are now the object of a new creation process; that is what being made into a child of God means: Being re-created from human being into a new creature that has his Fathers nature and character; from mortal to eternal; from corrupt to incorruptible; from destitute to an heir of the Creator and owner of the universe!

The first lesson for you is to learn to exercise belief, it is with this exercise that you will allow your Father to transform you. But how will you manage to believe? He provides you with the key element necessary for belief: FAITH. He delivers to you His faith with each and every word He speaks to you, for unlike human words that are only powerless expressions, His words are spirit and Life, and they never fail to make real what He has spoken. That is how the universe was created and that is how you and I are being re-created into his children.

Learning to believe, is learning to hear your Fathers words, learning to receive them so that the faith that comes in them can unpack within your spirit and empower you to believe Him; when you do, He then performs His word in you and the result is an advance in the process of your transformation. This is a new and very different existence than what we have known as humans; it is one in which your Father commits to making reality everything He speaks to you as you receive His faith so that the power to believe Him can be experienced in your being. You are now being made a child of God!

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