II. New Nature

Welcome to the second phase of your transformation!

You are now the possessor of the right to be transformed into a child of God; you are free from guilt because you are forgiven; you are free from bitterness, because you have been paid for all the offenses others have committed against you; and you are receiving your Fathers living words each day which are delivering his faith to your spirit so that you can exercise belief and allow Him to move ahead with your transformation!

As amazing as all of these things are, it is only the very beginning! Your Father’s plan to transform you into his child goes way beyond human imagination. As we have stated many times, He has invested all that He is, all that he has and all that he is able to do to guarantee the successful outcome of your transformation. Why? Because when He planned his family, He not only created Man so that each person could make the all important decision, but He built the universe and his entire kingdom so that He can inherit it to his children! Can you see what this means? Not only have you been created so that you can choose to accept God’s adoption invitation, but having accepted it, you are now being transformed so that you can be capable of inheriting your Father’s kingdom! This is your destiny, this is your true purpose for existing! So fix your vision on that goal, and doing so, always remember that your Father has made the commitment to do this in you. Accept the fact that no human effort is neither needed nor allowed! He is almighty! He is faithful! He will do much more abundantly above all that you can imagine or expect!

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