20. New Vision!

What is the importance of vision in our lives? Let me explain it this way: Our physical eyes provide the means for the rest of our selves to move in the direction we choose to go. Those that lack physical vision face a major struggle to know what lies ahead and what to do in order to get anywhere. This is exactly what vision does for the bigger things in our lives. We call them wishes, goals, purpose, etc. But at the core it is VISION. Its what we are able to see ahead for our selves, then we choose and “walk’ in that direction.

This is precisely what God will be doing in the very next steps of your transformation process; He will be adding the crucial elements necessary for you to possess an accurate vision of what He has committed to do in and for you. Let’s work at gaining a better understanding of this all important component of our new existence.

Your are the owner of your vision. No one else can have it for you; and only you can accept or reject the possibilities that are before you, and as we have seen in previous episodes, you were carefully created and equipped to make choices. So choose wisely as you have already done in accepting the adoption invitation from your Father.

How is our vision shaped? Vision is shaped by what we can see ourselves becoming. Allow me to illustrate it: A child gets a vision of riding on a bicycle when he sees someone riding one. He creates an image of himself doing the very thing he sees the other person do, particularly if this person is another child of approximately equal age. That vision sparked curiosity, which in turn ignited a desire to become the bicycle rider. If the desire is strong, it will carry the child through the learning process and empower him to overcome the challenges involved in the process including the negotiation required to get the bicycle to begin with!

As we grow up, the process remains the same. We are faced with many things and possibilities every day of our lives, but when we identify with one and see ourselves becoming the person we are seeing, the process runs again and we engage in the challenge to make that vision a reality.

The same is true with regards to our adoption and transformation but in much bigger ways! Without the vision of becoming a son or daughter of God we can not move forward! First of all we will find ourselves in disagreement with our Father! He is committed to transforming us into his children and growing us into beings capable of inheriting his kingdom! What have we committed to? Do we agree with His vision for us? Or will we settle for something less than what He has paid and prepared for? A disagreement of vision is a paralyzing dilemma; everything can be ready for us, but if we don’t agree, because we don’t see ourselves becoming what we are being given, then we will not participate in our transformation, or we will want to quit when the process goes against our expectations. So let’s take a moment to make sure that we are ready to engage in being transformed because we are prepared to accept the transformation of our vision. This is God’s starting point.

1. Have you actually started to “see” yourself as the beloved, costly, adopted child of God that He sees in you?

2. Do you see yourself forgiven? (Have you received and applied the payment that Jesus made for all your faults?)

3. Do you see yourself paid for all the offenses others have committed against you?

4. Do you see yourself as the owner of the right to be made into a child of God? Are you using it to be transformed?

5. Do you see God as your Father?

6. Is God responsible for you and to you as your Father? Has he committed to be a Father unto you forever?

7. Have you “rested” ALL your past, present and future upon your Father’s commitment, power and integrity of character? (You have stopped your efforts to allow Him to be the doer)

If you can answer “YES” to yourself in each of these questions you are doing excellent! and you are ready to receive the next phase of your transformation and prove with more and more clarity that you are a child of God.

If on the other hand, you have answered “NO” to all or some of the questions, please take time to review the previous episodes and RECEIVE the living words that your Father has spoken to you. Let them get inside your spirit and let them empower you to believe Him! Then, continue receiving his Word as you test it and have Him prove it to you time and again. Let Him begin the transformation of your vision, so that you can see yourself becoming a son of God by the same creative power that made the entire universe a reality!

See you in our next episode!

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