21. New Identity!

Welcome again! You are on board with God’s vision for your life and now it is time to move forward with the next step in your transformation. This step is designed to undo you and remake you. Yes! It will do away with who you were and establish who you are from here forward. God is not interested in waisting anytime; also, this step will be the foundation of the new you: A child of God!

So let’s get busy and ready to receive this amazing part of your transformation.

Right after the initial gift of the “right to be made into children of God, to those who keep believing in his name” (John 1:12) The Message continues to make loud and clear what the next creative actions are:

“Who were born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but were born of God.” (John 1:13 litv)

These living words contain the most powerful creative statement that will ever be spoken over you. Let’s take time to understand the content and scope of these amazing words!

There are four specific statements made in this short phrase that we must understand. Three are what we will call a negative creation statements and one is a positive creation statement. Negative creation statements are those that destroy what is not compatible with the new creation that God is about to do, for example, to start a big building the builders must first dig very deep so the foundation can be laid well below the ground level in order for the new building to stand strong. This is not a comfortable stage, but it is indispensable to the success of the new construction. Positive creation statements are those that build the new things that are being created.

Let’s separate the creative statements spoken in the Message so we can clearly see them:

1. “Who were born not of blood”

2. “nor of the will of the flesh”

3. “nor of the will of man”

4. “but were born of God”

Now, let’s put this statements in the first person so that you can identify yourself with each of them: This is what your Father is speaking over you in order to re-create you into his son or daughter. The creative statements establish a new reality for your identity, this is what they say about you:

1. I am not born of blood (biological family tree)

2. I am not born of the will of the flesh (Human nature)

3. I am not born of the will of man (Human father)


This is indeed a new beginning! It absolutely changes your origin and answers with full clarity the questions that have been the quest of mankind for ages: Who am I? Where do I come from? What is my purpose and destiny?

Maybe up to this day you have struggled with some or all of these difficult questions. Maybe you have found much confusion between the scientific, religious or philosophical viewpoints and answers to these questions. It becomes very difficult to cope with all of that! But now, none of those things hold water. They are made obsolete! Whoever you thought you were up to this point in your existence does not matter because it ceases to be. You are being re-born: Yes! This is how God’s adoption works! Human adoption simply legalizes a persons relationship to a family; but it is absolutely powerless to make that person a true son or daughter. God’s adoption re-creates the very essence of the person by re-birthing him or her into a new nature. The old human nature is undone and the adopting Father’s nature is birthed in the adopted child. This is a new creation!

In our next episode we will explore a bit deeper into the meaning and implications of these creative statements. But now, it is time to RECEIVE! Yes! Remember that we don’t do these things, we accept them and thus, allow God to make them a reality in our daily existence.

Do you remember how uncomfortable it was to see yourself through the episodes of the birth of Human nature and the sad story of humanity? How upsetting it is to know that you were born with a nature you didn’t choose and found only too late that this nature led you to hurt others and be hurt by others? Well, here is justice! You are no longer enslaved to a corrupt nature! You don’t have to repeat your parents and ancestors mistakes or be the victim of anyone on earth: YOU CAN BE A NEW CREATION RIGHT NOW if you choose to receive the living words your Father has spoken regarding your existence. RECEIVE HIS WORD AND BE MADE A NEW PERSON!

Don’t miss our next episode!

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