22. Not Born Human!

What? Stop being human? Yes! That is what transformation is all about! Let us recall the creative statements God has spoken over your life:

1. I am not born of blood (biological family tree)

2. I am not born of the will of the flesh (Human nature)

3. I am not born of the will of man (Human father)


In this episode we will deal with receiving the truth that these words put in place about who you are.

First, we will remind ourselves who is responsible to make each of these statements a reality in our lives: GOD IS RESPONSIBLE!


With these truths in place, let’s move on to the transformation of your identity:

To assure that we are looking at things correctly, let’s bring the big picture into focus:

God created Man in his image and likeness and gave them each the powers of belief and of personal choice. Man, both male and female chose to know evil and cursed their descendants to an existence that we have called “human”. Because of Man’s choice to know evil, death entered his being and death was passed on to every human being. This is the legacy that our blood birth has given us as humans.

God did not give up on his determination to create his family from mankind and chose to pay with his life the price of our guilt and forgiveness! In doing so, He made possible our adoption into his family.

He has sent a living message to every individual on earth so that each can make the all important choice of accepting or rejecting his invitation to be transformed into his child.

When one accepts the invitation, God immediately makes it legal by giving that person the legal right to be made into his child through the belief in the name of the Message: Jesus.

Now God moves on the re-create the newly adopted child by re-birthing him or her and giving them a new nature: His nature! How does He do it? By the negative creation of their human identity and the new creation of their divine identity: They, each, will be unborn from who they were and reborn as his children! Amazing!

With this big picture in focus let’s consider the implications of each of these creative statements!

1. I am not born of blood (biological family tree)

As mentioned above, we have a blood legacy. From the first Man to us and through us to our children this legacy is passed from generation to generation. The genetic makeup of humans is tainted by mortality and corruptibility. All of Man, spirit, soul and body are subject to corruption and death. God’s comes first to attack this foundation of your existence and declares: YOU ARE NOT BORN OF BLOOD! It goes to the very core of your identity!

Listen to the words of Jesus:

“Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.” (John 3:3)

Although there is much to learn about this particular statement, at this point it is only necessary that you receive God’s living word and allow it to give you God’s faith so that you can believe him and He can set you free from your human blood birth.

2. I am not born of the will of the flesh (Human nature)

This second statement deals directly with the nature you inherited from your forefathers.

Children are born without choice into the nature of their parents. Then, they each grow into what they choose within the nature they inherited. Some better behave than others, some worse behaved than others; but all are subject to the core nature that is passed on through the blood birth of humans.

This is God’s second creative work: STOP YOUR HUMANITY! He did not choose to repair the human nature; He chose to replace it!

Receive His living word and believe Him with his faith so that you are ready to allow him to install a new nature in your being. Let Him free you from Human Nature!

3. I am not born of the will of man (Human father)

The last negative creative statement regarding your identity deals with the part that has been shaped by your human father. You have been shaped in many ways by the person who is your father. To many, this person is an unknown for many reasons; to others, this person may be well known and the experiences lived with him can be both positive and negative. Given the state of human nature, no human father is perfect and intentionally or not, none can fully fill the role expected of them. Most of us have bitter-sweet experiences with our fathers; those of us that are in that role, know full well that there is much we wish we could do for our children but simply can’t or find ourselves not doing. Typically, at some point in the father-child relationship there are breakdowns and even total separations. Fathers have a great influence in how we see ourselves, our value and our vision as well as our character.

This is why God addresses the issue of fatherhood directly. Those who accept his invitation for adoption will no longer be the product of a human father. Each will be re-created and re-learn the Father – child relationship in a perfect way, with a perfect Father.

These three creative declarations are designed to free each of us from the bondage to humanity and open the way for our new being to be born! This is the entry into the realm of the Creator, not as a guest, or subject, or alien, but as a child, a son or a daughter of the Almighty God!

In our next episode we will deal with the amazing and powerful creative declaration that makes you a son of God!

See you soon!

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