27. Walking a Living Way to My Father

I am a child of God. How do I know it? HE LIVES INSIDE ME! And He is the source of my existence, therefore, I have Life Eternal. That is my new amazing reality! And yet, I am still in a world dominated by corruption, death and injustice. How do I reconcile that reality with my new reality? I understand that I am in the process of being transformed, that the human nature in me has to be replaced with God’s nature and I have to be empowered and trained to exist in it. But what is he next step, and the following step after that? I also know that the Holy Spirit has been given to me as a guarantee that I will get to the full possession of my inheritance, but how? Let’s listen to Jesus answer with full clarity:

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

(John 14:6 ESV)

What exactly is He saying? He is declaring that the only way to come to the Father (as a son or daughter) is through Him. No one else.

Many religions take offense at this exclusivity and absolutism of this and many of Jesus declarations. But it is simple, really: which religion is dealing with taking a human being and transforming him or her into a perfect child of God? None! So they have no say in the matter. This is not religion, it is adoption and transformation so that the children can inherit the kingdom of their Father and enjoy it eternally! And yes, when God provided a way for that to happen, He didn’t create many ways, but ONE PERFECT WAY to accomplish his dream! The notion that all religions bring us to God does have merit. Each leads you to a deity, each puts forth the requirements of these deities and you must satisfy them or not get there. But this way Jesus is talking about is not a way to God, He is talking about the THE WAY TO THE FATHER! That is totally different. Can you see the difference?

It is vitally important that you get this. That this truth is received and agreed with by you. If you don’t, your transformation comes to a halt. Not because God is failing, or because you are failing, but because you could be in disagreement with Him. He wants to bring you to Him as a child, and you may be wanting to find him as a human. Two totally different goals! God is only interested in one, there is where his investment is, and that is what He is working on, nothing else! Humanity is incompatible with God, his children are his own nature! It is that simple.

With that established, we can move on to understand the other things Jesus is talking about. The first thing he points out is: I AM THE WAY or the ROAD.

This sounds illogical, how can a person be the way? Sometimes language can get in the way of truth, we could interpret this words as saying, he is how we get there, but what is being said is literally I AM THE ROAD UPON WHICH YOU WILL BE TAKEN TO YOUR FATHER. This is a totally new concept for us to grasp.

As humans we distinguish between things that are animated, or have life, and inanimate, or without life. Roads don’t have life, they are inanimate. They serve a purpose, allow living things to travel upon them from one point to another. Now, let’s visualize a living road, what is that like? A poor comparison that can be drawn is the electric escalators and or electric passages that you see in buildings and airports. You can go to the next level by a stairway that moves on its own. You climb on it and it gets you there without any effort of your own. The electric passages are bands that walk on their own, and to go from one place to another, you stand on them and they do the walking for you! Yet, they are not “living roads” they are electrical machines that perform a specific function time and again as you, the living person, decides to use them. That is why this is a poor comparison, nonetheless, it begins to paint a picture of the fact that a living way does not require your effort, just your willingness to get on board.

Now, let’s move closer to the words of Jesus. We know the destination, this is the only way we as children will get to our Father, but just how? There are two additional components in Jesus declaration: I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, and then he says: NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME.

Let’s begin by understanding the other two components, keeping in mind that Jesus is not saying I know the way, or I have the truth, but I AM each of these things you need to get to your Father.

I AM THE TRUTH: What is the importance of truth? This is yet again another difficult concept for humans, because there is no true truth in humanity. It is all conditional and fallible. What we believe to be true today, may change tomorrow. Our history is full of such things. At one point we believed that Earth was flat and condemned the first human being who challenged that notion, because it was not truth! Yet, truth is a vital need for every person.

We are designed to operate by and in reference to it. When we tell the truth, our inner legal structure supports us and our entire being, spirit soul and body feel good! But when we don’t tell the truth, what happens? everything turns negative, everything suffers the impact of it. Not only is there proof when we tell or not the truth, but the same is true when others communicate to us. All communication carries with it either truth or lies. How do you like being lied to? What happens when you realize you were lied to? On the other hand, what happens when we are told the truth but don’t want to hear it? Can you see the weight that truth has in our lives?

God perfectly understands this importance, He designed and created us. That is why, He is not only conveying truth to us, but declaring HE IS TRUTH. This totally eliminates every other alleged “truth carrier” from the channel. He establishes a direct provision of this crucial element required for our transformation and truth is delivered directly to our spirit from within!

Let’s dig a little deeper here. Remember God’s method for transforming us? He speaks his word to us, we receive it, His word unpacks His faith giving us the power to believe Him and when we choose to use that power, He makes his word a reality in us? Well, this is the connection! TRUTH is delivered to my spirit by the Holy Spirit who lives IN ME, and as I receive it transformation takes place! This is how the living road works! With each advance of truth within me, I am brought closer and closer to my Father. This is why we said in a previous episode that the Bible alone does not provide truth; truth is a person: Jesus. And truth is not the printed paper, it is the living spirit that is able to transform my being into the very nature of God!

You have your entire future to enjoy learning more truth and more about truth! But for now, let’s move on to the next component Jesus declared:

I AM LIFE: How can you begin to describe the meaning of such words? The only conceivable way is by quoting a part of the adoption message. Do you remember this?

“All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made.” (John 1:3 ESV)

Life is the very essence of all that is, without it, existence is impossible. It’s reach goes beyond the power of our imagination, but life is undeniable.

With regards to our adoption, LIFE is essential to change our nature. We have previously spoken about the fact that God regards the human condition as a state of existence called death – void of his life! We exist, breathe, move, etc, but are lifeless! So for us to be partakers of God’s nature we must be made alive. Brought from a state of death to a state of LIFE. This is precisely what Jesus is referring to. He IS Life! How does Life enter our being? By TRUTH! Jesus said: “The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are LIFE”

So now, let’s connect all the pieces and understand how they work to bring us to our Father:

We have been given God’s personal guarantee, that not only will we be transformed into his children, but that we will each reach maturity and get possession of the inheritance prepared for us, because the Holy Spirit comes to permanently reside within each of us to fulfill all the services and give us the provision our Father has determined to make his promise a reality.

The Holy Spirit’s presence is not passive, He comes to execute our adoption and transformation into children of God. Just like He came to Earth to perform the creation God spoke, He comes into our spirit to create a child of God! Now, God speaks TRUTH to us and each word He speaks is spirit and it is LIFE! As we receive TRUTH, LIFE enters our being displacing death!

Each time TRUTH enters, LIFE is activated in us, and this moves us closer to our Father! IT IS A LIVING WAY! This living way is carrying me to my destiny one TRUTH at the time!

You now know just how important you are to your Father, to your brother Jesus and to the Holy Spirit. You are the center of their attention! It is their will and their promise that you will succeed and they are each personally involved in making it happen.

It is time now to engage fully into the process of being transformed. And this will be the focus of our next chapter.

See you then!

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