43. How does Mercy work?

So now I know I am safe and secure in my Father’s hand within this environment he calls Mercy!
I know that Mercy is composed of very important things that were prepared and given to make possible that I could enter into God’s reality in my human state and that within Mercy I can be transformed and given my Father’s nature. How is this going to happen?

Let us now continue learning about the components of Mercy.
We spoke briefly about Grace; the air of the Mercy environment; and we saw that Grace is not alone. It is part of very powerful and very special components that together form an ecosystem designed to initiate and assure the successful beginning phase of my transformation.

Perhaps it is best if we begin by focusing on the reason and objective of Mercy and how it connects to the additional two main components of our Fathers transformation system for our lives.
Mercy has to not only provide a transitional environment where we can come in as humans, but it has to prepare us for the following phase of Washing of Regeneration and then our Renewal in the Holy Spirit. One follows the other. So Mercy was designed and provided to accomplish establishing the foundation of our new existence as God’s children. Let’s work at understanding how Mercy will get us ready!
How does Mercy work?First of all, it is very important to see ourselves as clearly as God explains our human condition. The problem is that doing so is humanly impossible without the work of Mercy. The reality God states that the condition of each and every human being is absolutely atrocious! What happens to your self worth or self esteem if you see yourself in the light of his Truth? It is a completely destructive experience! It does away with any trace of worth, pride, etc. As humans we hold on with all we possess to our dreams and achievements because innately we feel ourselves deposed and destitute. So achievement is a must for human existence! When God expresses his truth about our condition and states that ALL are unworthy, ALL are perverted, ALL are guilty, ALL are enslaved to sin and death; it goes against all that we hope to be!
The amazing news is that notwithstanding the crude truth about our human condition WE ARE LOVED! Nothing can change that fact! And because we are loved without condition or prejudice, Mercy was created to receive us in our current state and allow for the cleansing and renovation necessary to deliver us from the human nature we inherited and vested us with the legal right to be made into children of God!

So here is how that happens.

Love created Mercy and put within it Grace; Faith; Forgiveness; Justification; Peace; Truth; Life and Power.
These are the essential components necessary for us to be prepared for cleansing and the subsequent renovation that will finally enable us to BE children of God in truth and practice for eternity.
What is the specific purpose of each of these vital components of the Mercy environment? Get ready! And don’t forget, you must decide to receive each of these in order to prove their powerful work in your life. Let’s briefly look at each of these to get a grasp on what they do individually and collectively.

First we will look at Grace:

We have already described the comparison of Grace to the air we breathe on Earth’s environment. Why is that? The functions of air to Earth’s environment facilitate the delivery of the gasses that make possible that our bodies function and that all our systems can grow and regenerate. It also provides space for movement as well as the renewal of the resources that our planet and our bodies possess.
Without air, every single system in our bodies dies! The cells that make up our organs must have air in order to perform the life giving functions that each is assigned and be able to process what comes to them so that it will result in physical life. Without it, even if there is abundance of liquids, nutrients, etc. our bodies can not process them because they need Oxygen in the special mixture that God designed for our existence to produce the benefits of all the other provisions given to our bodies.

In a similar manner, Grace has a very special set of functions in our new existence. Like Air, Grace provides us with the element that makes our new existence work. It is a mighty divine power that activates God’s provision in our being. Just like Oxygen ignites the metabolic process in our cells, GRACE MAKES EVERYTHING GOD HAS GIVEN US WORK! How does it do that? In our human existence we operate under the “earn – merit” system. We have to achieve, deserve, earn and struggle to obtain in our own strength and by our own means. In contrast, our new existence as God’s children is totally dependent on God’s ability to DO for, in and through each of us. This means that our entire existence as his children is the opposite of the human existence. IT IS UNDESERVED! UNMERITED! UN-EARNED! It is given to us through GRACE! Can you see what GRACE does? It brings and activates all of your Father’s provision to your being and to your existence! Absolutely amazing.
Receive GRACE! Get used to it! Allow it to do it’s work in you. Give up your merits, achievements, etc. GRACE is here! It will do it’s mighty work for, in and through you! What are you to do? REST! RECEIVE! ALLOW! ENJOY!
“For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.” (Ephesians 2:8-9 ESV)

Second we will look at Faith:

As we have seen in previous episodes, Faith is God’s power of belief. The Mercy environment is full of Faith! It is comparable to Light on Earth’s environment. Whether night or day, Earth’s environment contains light which puts into evidence truth.
Faith does exactly this in and for us. Faith is the power that allows us to SEE our Father’s commitment to each and every aspect of our existence and enables us to BELIEVE that He is going to DO what He has committed to DO!

Third we will look at Forgiveness:

In Episode 8: “The Price of Adoption” we introduced the truth of Forgiveness. It costed GOD’s LIFE to pay for every offense I have committed and others have done against me to free me from guilt and bitterness. Without Forgiveness, you and I would forever be enslaved to sin and its inevitable consequence: Death.
When we come into the Mercy environment we are administered Forgiveness once and again. It never runs out, it is never scarce, Forgiveness is a constant of the Mercy environment. You and I will consume enormous quantities of it each day of our lives on Earth, but the good news is that it has been given to us! How do we get it? Through GRACE! Remember? We don’t deserve it, we can not earn it: It has to be received through Grace!
Forgiveness produces a state of being in us: FORGIVEN. Forgiven is the state of existence in which we can face our faults and the offenses of others without harm. As we get ready to enter the Cleansing of Regeneration it is required that we are found in this state. No one can be cleansed except they are forgiven! And if we don’t get cleansed, we remain slaves of evil! So here again is another amazing and vital component of our new environment. Receive Forgiveness! Allow it to heal your conscience from all guilt and from all bitterness! Speak freely to your Father about these things, because He has loved you and has provided a perfect solution to what was unsolvable for man. WE ARE FORGIVEN!
“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (1 John 1:9 ESV)

Fourth, Justification:
Justification is a legal issue. It deals with a legal decree issued by a competent court regarding our stance with the law of the kingdom we belong to. Here is a simple explanation of what it is and how it works. In our human existence we were declared enemies of God. Guilty of death according to his law. Mercy has allowed for our entry into God’s environment through the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus. But with all that He did for us, there remains the issue of acceptance; each of us must be given the option to receive or reject each of the things that God has done to make our adoption possible, therefore, Mercy has Grace, so that they can all be delivered to us and if we choose to receive them, can be activated in our lives. We just saw how Forgiveness works and what it does; Grace delivers and activates Forgiveness within us.
Now, in a Forgiven state, our Father is going to establish once and for all our legal status with regard to his law. We will never be innocent, because we were all guilty; but now we are Forgiven, and since our debt was paid, the result is we are declared legally JUSTIFIED!
Now let’s make sure we understand this: We are not being “justified’ in what we did or didn’t do; our deeds can not be justified. We are declared JUSTIFIED because of what Jesus did!
What is Justification for? Without it we have no access to anyone or anything in our Father’s kingdom. We are not allowed near Him. We would still be legally his enemies! But when you and I are declared JUSTIFIED, it clears us for access to our Father! It is a big seal of approval to come in, come near and enjoy our Father and all that He possesses! We MUST have this applied to our lives! How do we get it? You guessed it! GRACE! Justification takes away our shame and gives us the right to come near our Father as children!
“Therefore, as one trespass led to condemnation for all men, so one act of righteousness leads to justification and life for all men. For as by the one man’s disobedience the many were made sinners, so by the one man’s obedience the many will be made righteous” (Romans 5:18-19 ESV)

Fifth, PEACE:
The environment of Mercy contains PEACE. But not what we understand it to be in human terms. God’s peace does not represent an outer calm, it is a divine power that holds our beings together and that unifies us with our Father. Jesus spoke of the presence of PEACE in Him when he said: “I and the Father are ONE” Then he prayed to his Father that in the same manner, we, each and all, would be made ONE with him and with his Father (John 17) It is important that we can visualize this truth and see ourselves in it! In our human condition we were “separated” from God, and by nature we fought with one another and became separate from family, friends, and all! Look around you? Where in this world do you find true “oneness”? Impossible! But now, we have come into Mercy! and in direct contrast with the Human environment full of rejection, PEACE acts as gravity does on Earth. It pulls you together. It unifies and brings you into the reality that Jesus and our Father have: They are ONE!
Oh! Such a marvelous and amazing component of our new environment. Never again alone! Never again rejected! PEACE is here to stay! Making you and I accepted! How do you get it? Again: GRACE!
“Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ” (Romans 5:1 ESV)

Sixth, Seventh and Eighth: TRUTH; LIFE; POWER:
These three components of our Mercy environment have been discussed on Episode 27: “Walking a Living Way to My Father” Each is a vital component of our new existence.
TRUTH is the power we are designed to operate our existence by. In our human existence our truth was a lie! But now TRUTH is a person: Jesus and He is here to ensure that we are never again deceived and have the guidance necessary to be God’s children.
LIFE is given to us abundantly and eternally by it’s very source: Jesus! No more death in any aspect of our existence!
POWER to be God’s children is provided by the LIVING WAY that Jesus is! He has made and will make a way for each and everything that you and I need to go thru in the process of being transformed into a child of our amazing Father: God!

Mercy! An amazing environment fully provided so that we can find rest and be prepared for the cleansing and renewal that will result in my transformation from human into a child of God!

See you in our next episode!

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