III. Transformation

All that your transformation requires has been done and provided by your Father. And yet, it is all subject to the personal daily decisions you make to choose to receive and allow or to reject that provision in your life.

The secret for true possession of Eternal Life is to remain in agreement with Jesus Christ in allowing the Holy Spirit to deactivate and remove all of human nature from your being so that He can then install, activate and empower you to live naturally in the eternal and incorruptible nature of your Father: God.

This chapter Introduces you to the truth about your Father’s Transformation provision and helps you understand how to receive and allow this amazing process to work in your life. As you apply these truths to your daily experience you will begin to experience the reality of God’s nature working mightily within you without any effort on your part and your adoption will become clearer and real at each step you are helped to take!

So come in! The table is served! You only need to seat down and receive what your Father has prepared for you since eternity past!

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